Wednesday, October 7, 2009


When I first started knitting my brother Jerome suggested I knit myself a pair of tights. No way! I said. That would take forever!

Nine years later, I find the perfect yarn for tights and just can't resist:

I "cleverly" joined a second ball of yarn so the stripes wouldn't get narrower at my Widest Part. My Widest Part is considerably wider than the rest of me, so this was a good move. Here I've knit most of the top part of the tights. Just a couple of inches before I divide for the legs!

I am also designing a Useful Something to give as a gift. I'm just working out ideas here. Yarn is Unique Sheep cotton in Shardenim.

It's not an Exciting Implement, but I think it's beautiful.

In other knitting news, the lace stole for Gwen's dance teacher is done. Was done a long time ago. Boy, are you sorry I didn't post pictures. It's breathtaking. I just . . . forgot. Maybe she'll wear it when it cools off and she'll model for me. IF it ever cools off. . . .

I have to say, though, for once I did a good job of choosing who gets my handknits. After years of going unappreciated I determined to knit only for myself and the kids. Then this woman not only admired my knitting but told me she wears shawls all the time! Needless to say, I fell for the bait. She keeps the stole by her bed, waiting to feel chilly. Her teenage daughter sometimes fingers it longingly. Ah! It's good to be loved.

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